Workshops & Classes

► Debbie’s Write It Like It Is workshop is like a free pass to write without censorship, to check your inner critic at the door. It's been a while since I allowed myself to write so freely. The writing exercises Debbie chose generated some surprising new material. I highly recommend her workshop for anyone interested in plumbing memory and writing deeply.

Amy Yelin, Writer, Editor, GrubStreet Instructor,  

► [Write It Like It Is] broke me out of a recent writing logjam. Within weeks of the first class, I was submitting things for publication again (with some success)! Debbie is a really warm, creative, accessible, and validating facilitator.

Kim Childs, Certified Life and Career Coach and Facilitator of The Artist's Way,

► The Natalie Goldberg style of writing neutralizes the lifetime of “trauma” I have associated with written expression. I hear “time to write” and I become my amygdala in overdrive. But [Debbie’s] group facilitation has been so well-structured and “quieting” that it is impossible for me not to reconnect with the part of me that continues with its slow but steady whisper: “Keep writing. There is something still unexpressed. Push through your imagined danger.”

Isabel B. Phillips, PhD

► Your class was wonderful. I have been writing every morning since, determined to outrun the notorious Censor. Thank you for your reasoned and creative support.

Jill Borenstein, GrubStreet student

► I felt so energized and inspired during (and well after) class. It was one of the best seminars I have taken at GrubStreet!

A.G., GrubStreet student

► Deborah's class helped me let go of my fears and just start writing! I loved the prompts. They ranged from a single word pulled out of a bowl to a partial phrase. Gently and carefully, Deborah leads you out of a place of fear to a sense of wonder at the beautiful phrasing you have created. That blank page will no longer be daunting. It will now be a place for adventure!

H. C. Tomilson, Pastor, New Hampshire

► The way things pour out in the writing is a real good view of one's psyche that I feel I can harness for better awareness toward positive transformation—kind of like remembering to shift to the glass being half full rather than half empty.

B.C., Artist & Dancer

► Not only did I feel able to write what was true for me, but along the way, I discovered new truths, new ideas about who I am and how I see the world.

C.O., Art Teacher

► I loved your class. I was looking for a writing experience similar to the one I had in Nancy Aronie's workshop a few summers ago at Kripalu and haven't been able to find since.

Susie, Arlington, Mass.

► I’ve taken quite a few other classes of this nature, and I’ve never found a better facilitator. Debbie is genetically predisposed to be a Write It Like It Is facilitator. I appreciated her sense of humor, her natural empathy, her ability to set clear guidelines for the group and stick to them, and her articulate and thoughtful responses to our writing. Often I would come to class feeling scattered, and leave feeling centered and generally wonderful.

Chris Mandell, West Roxbury, Mass.

► I have known Debbie Sosin for 30 years and she is an outstanding writer, psychotherapist, and teacher. She is a deep thinker yet makes powerful connections with clients and the participants in her groups. She is an excellent writer and I have used her many times to brainstorm or edit my own book projects. She has an incredible grasp of language, but also has very powerful insights about the big picture. She is warm and compassionate and has a wonderful sense of humor and a wealth of creativity. You will be very lucky if you have the opportunity to work with her.

Gail McMeekin, LICSW, Career and Creativity Coach, Author, The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women, The Power of Positive Choices, 

Editing & Writing

► I asked Debbie to copyedit my first book, Musing Off the Mat, a collection of personal essays. At our first meeting, she asked good questions to understand my goals. She listened well and then explained her work process. We connected easily and had a professional collaboration. Debbie checked in with me after working on the first 20 pages to make sure she was meeting my expectations. (She was.) Debbie is detailed, thorough, and timely, and I’m happy to recommend her professional services.   

Joyce Poggi Hager, Author, Musing Off the Mat, 

► In September 2012, I self-published Horn Playing from the Inside Out: A Method for All Brass Musicians. Debbie Sosin helped me transform my manuscript into a very cohesive, well-organized, tautly written book. Her background as a musician and psychotherapist was very helpful because she really “got” the kind of book it was (a very detailed and meticulous method) and what I was trying to get across to my readers (that music can be taught in healing and positive ways).

I welcomed the discussions we had about how to clearly and dynamically illustrate certain abstract subjects covered in my book. Those sections of the book turned out to be especially vibrant and potent. My book has garnered excellent reviews and sales are growing!

I feel very grateful to Debbie for her professional and incisive editing mind and her always-caring, supportive, and encouraging manner. When one is completing a book, it can be a scary, exhausting, but exciting process. I always felt that Debbie was in my corner! 

Eli K. Epstein Faculty, New England Conservatory; Faculty, Boston Conservatory; Faculty, Music Academy of the West; Former second horn, Cleveland Orchestra,    

► Debbie combines her visionary outlook and attention to detail into her clients' alchemy, producing golden work that attracts buyers and retains customers. I hired Debbie to coach me in writing the first edition of my business best-seller, We Are All Self-Employed, and to edit many of my marketing materials over the years.

Cliff Hakim, Author, We Are All Self-Employed and Rethinking Work; Former Principal, Rethinking Work® Career Consulting & Strategy

► Debbie did a fabulous job of editing my book while remaining true to my voice. Her content feedback was right on and her editing carefully done. Her suggestions were always an improvement without changing the meaning. Our work together felt like a partnership. Seeing the book get better and better through the editorial process was magical.

Kit Harrington Hayes, MEd, Author, Managing Career Transitions; Founder and Principal, LifeWork Design, 

► Debbie was invaluable in helping me pull together a major writing project that felt overwhelming. In addition to her wonderful editing skills, she was able to help me organize and give shape to my project, creating cohesion out of my sometimes chaotic ideas. Debbie has a collaborative style, and knows how to teach and mentor as well as give form and texture to the written word. I highly recommend her work to anyone who wants to learn to write well.

Kathy Goldblatt, LICSW, Psychotherapist,

► As the longtime writer and editor of the Zamir Chorale of Boston's quarterly e-letter, Debbie brings energy, passion, and love for music to her work. Her attention to detail is unsurpassed and she is willing to go the extra mile whenever needed. Debbie can take a simple set of facts and spin them into a lively blurb for our concerts, events, and promotional materials. She is a pleasure to work with!

Barbara Gaffin, Managing Director, Zamir Chorale of Boston,