Spring 2019 Workshops


"Despicable Me: The Self as Antihero in Creative Nonfiction," GrubStreet, Saturday, April 13, 10 -5.

"Befriend Your Inner Critic," GrubStreet, Friday, May 17, 10:30 to 1:30.

Write It Like It Is Groups



If you’ve ever wanted to write freely, without censors, editors, or critics, this is your chance. Experience the exhilaration of tapping in to your authentic voice. No holds barred. No worries about publication or perfection. It’s all about letting go and having fun in a safe, creative atmosphere. 

Each week, we do a variety of freewriting exercises in response to specific prompts about life experiences, past and present. Sharing is optional but encouraged. Write It Like It Is draws on the work of Natalie Goldberg, Steve Almond, Brenda Ueland, and others. 

Freewriting and sharing over time with the same people deepens the experience of self-discovery and creates new pathways for self-expression. Plus it's fun and enlightening! Bring pens and a notebook, or a laptop if you prefer. No writing experience is necessary. Just bring your desire, imagination, and willingness to take a risk.

Registration: Send an email to deborahsosin@gmail.com to see if there is room or to ask any questions. Location and details provided upon registration. PayPal payment button here. Cancellation policy: No refund if cancelled within 72 hours of start date.